[TR-ITA-03] Talent Tests
(Kröll, M., Burova-Keßler, K. & Pinkawa, C.)

Dieser dritte Lernsprint ist optional. The aim of this learning sprint is to carry out the talent test with the help of your mentor and to further develop your personal talent profile on the basis of the findings.


Tests implemented in previous projects (e.g. enteprise + and job devloper) are the Entrepreneurial Potential Analysis – Assessment Centre, which focuses on entrepreneurial potential and creates an entrepreneurial talent profile for each participant, and the Economic Knowledge Test (part of the Entrepreneurial Potential Analysis), which examines economic knowledge related to entrepreneurship. Other characteristics that can be measured are:

  • Professional interests
  • Occupational personality traits e.g. achievement motivation, social skills, conscientiousness
  • Professional behaviour (especially in social interactions), e.g. in customer situations
  • Cognitive skills, general cognitive skills and specific skills such as spatial imagination, creativity, mathematical skills
  • Professional knowledge, e.g. technical and mechanical understanding, language skills

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Introduction to the talent tests
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