[FW-ITA-02] Market/Competition
(Kröll, M.)

The initial question for the second learning sprint of the Founder’s workshop is as follows: How do the relevant market situations look against the background of the business idea (see figure 1)?


When analysing the market, Porters become so-called 5 forces (Porter, 1980) considered in more detail (see Fig. 2). The more the market success is threatened by one or more of these competitive forces, the more unattractive the industry under consideration and the more difficult it is to achieve a sustainable advantage over the competition.


Learning objectives:

This learning sprint has the following learning objectives:

The mentees can …

  • … explain the industry structure analysis according to Porter using the example of your business idea.
  • … analyse their market access as well as their positioning on the market with the help of the 5 forces model according to Porter.

Contenuto dello Sprint

2.1. Industry structure analysis according to Porter's 5 Forces
Porter’s 5 Forces Copy SCADUTO
2.1.1. Competition from new providers
Competition from new suppliers Copy 1 mese, 1 settimana
Competitors Copy 2 anni, 9 mesi
2.1.2. Bargaining power of buyers
Bargaining power of the buyers (customers) Copy 2 anni, 9 mesi
Customers Copy 2 anni, 9 mesi
2.1.3. Bargaining power of suppliers
Bargaining power of suppliers Copy 2 anni, 9 mesi
Suppliers Copy 1 anno, 1 mese
2.1.4. Competition from replacement products / services
Competition from substitute products/services Copy 2 anni, 9 mesi
substitute products/services Copy UNLIMITED
2.1.5. Intensity of competition between current providers
Intensity of competition between existing suppliers Copy 2 anni, 9 mesi
Competition between existing suppliers Copy 1 anno, 1 mese
Example: Introduction of a new coffee product at Starbucks Copy 2 anni, 9 mesi
Example Copy 2 anni, 9 mesi
2.2. Resource-oriented approach
The resource-oriented approach Copy SCADUTO
Own resources Copy UNLIMITED
Example Copy 2 anni, 9 mesi
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