[ER-ITA-06] Identification and Creation of Services/Products
(Kröll, M. & Burova-Keßler, K.)

In the upcoming learning sprint, the aim is to bundle the knowledge gained about the various topics, such as regional markets, megatrends, customer segments and innovative business ideas, as well as to evaluate the already existing results in order to use them specifically for the generation and detailed elaboration of own service/product ideas (Kröll, 2016, 2018a; see Figure 1).



In this way, each young person can generate or select their own product or service ideas with the help of the learning guides (if this has not happened yet) on the basis of the information collected in the previous learning sprints and the business ideas that have already emerged, and work these out in detail. The idea here is to select from the entire wealth of valuable analyses and research that have already been worked out in the learning team those that are most helpful for the personal further development of a sustainable business idea. This also includes one’s own talents, competences and interests, which can provide a decisive impetus in this decision.

Generation or selection of own business ideas

The following aspects should be considered when generating or selecting business ideas:

  • The economic framework data of your region/country (Learning Sprint 1)
  • The impact of megatrends on everyday life and the needs of the people in your region/country that result from them (Learning Sprint 2)
  • The job families derived from everyday situations and the company-related job families (learning sprint 3)
  • The preferences and interests of the individual Sinus-Milieus in your region/country (Learning Sprint 4)
  • The localisation and distribution of the Sinus-Milieus in the region/country (Learning Sprint 5)
  • One’s own talents, interests and strengths (learning project “talent diagnosis”, personal development plan, area “talent profile”)

Contenuto dello Sprint

Introduction to idea creation
Description of the service/product idea Copy Illimitato
Service/product idea description Copy Illimitato
Service/product idea market analysis Copy Illimitato
Service/product idea customer survey example Copy Illimitato
Service/product idea requirements Copy Illimitato
Learning tasks
Service/product idea learning tasks Copy Illimitato
Learning Objectives
Service/product idea learning objectives Copy Illimitato
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