Corporate Strategy ITA

The initial question for the third learning sprint of the start-up workshop is as follows: What strategy and vision do you use to lead your company to success?


    After you have analysed both the corporate environment (focus on external environment) and identified your resources and their properties (as an in-house approach) in the previous learning sprint, it will now be a matter of putting your idea to the test by doing a SWOT analysis perform (Fig. 3). In this you will deal with the strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and risks of your business idea.


    This learning sprint has the following learning objectives:

    The mentees can …

    • … explain the SWOT analysis as well as the procedure of a SWOT analysis.
    • … analyse the strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities of your business idea.
    • … describe different forms of risk.
    • … derive strategies from working out strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities.
    • … determine a corporate vision for your company.
    • … determine goals for your company and deduce appropriate measures to achieve these goals.

    Contenuto dello Sprint

    3.1 SWOT analysis
    SWOT analysis Copy Illimitato
    Risk management Copy Illimitato
    SWOT Analysis task Copy ILLIMITATO
    3.2 Corporate Vision
    Corporate vision Copy SCADUTO
    Corporate vision task Copy UNLIMITED
    3.3 Corporate goals and strategy
    Corporate goals and strategy Copy SCADUTO
    Goals and measures Copy UNLIMITED
    Example "superfood bistro"
    Example “superfood bistro” Copy SCADUTO
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