[FW-ESP-01] Business idea
(Kröll, M. )

The initial question for the first learning sprint of the Founders’ Workshop is the following: How can the product or service be described in more detail so that it is easy for a layperson or potential customer to understand (see figure 1)?


The basis for starting a successful business is to find a new business idea with a high potential for development and success. If you have gone through the learning project “Employment Radar”, then you have learned how to identify the possible potential for a new business idea in a region. However, regardless of this, you can first try to develop a new business idea by thinking about the economic situation in your area.

Learning Objectives

The mentees…

  • develop their business idea by working out the features and characteristics of their product/service.
  • explain their target group as well as the benefits for the customer, taking into account the unique selling proposition.
  • relate their business idea to the Sustainable Development Goals and identify action derivations for their company.
  • design their product/service name as well as their company logo.

Sprint Content

1.1 Product/Service
Product/Service Copy Unlimited
Product distinction Copy UNLIMITED
1.2. Potential customer groups
Potential Customer Groups Copy Unlimited
Target Groups Copy UNLIMITED
1.3. Benefit for the customer
Benefit for the Customer Copy Unlimited
Benefit for the Customer Copy UNLIMITED
1.4. Unique selling proposition
Unique selling proposition Copy Unlimited
1.5. Sustainability goals
Sustainability goals Copy Unlimited
Sustainability goals Copy UNLIMITED
1.6. Product name/brand and company logo
Product Name/Brand and Company Logo Copy Unlimited
Product name / brand and company logo Copy UNLIMITED
Example Copy EXPIRED
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