Career 4.0

[TR-ELL-ENG-01] Introduction to Talent Diagnostics TEAM5


The talent diagnosis can be carried out in the following learning sprints:

  • Introduction to talent diagnostics
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Life portrait
  • Talent tests, if applicable
  • Evaluation in individual discussions

The result of the talent diagnosis is an individual talent profile for each young person, which is used to reflect on career perspectives against the background of the young person’s existing potential and strengths.  All results from the learning projects flow into the PEP, in which the decisions and agreements made are documented and continuously developed. The young people deal with the following questions, among others:

  • Where do I stand now?
  • Where do I want to go?
  • What do I have to do for this?
  • What actions should be taken to further my development and realise my plans?

Περιεχόμενο του σπριντ

Preparation of the Talent Diagnosis
Preparation of the Talent Diagnosis Copy Copy Copy Copy Copy 2 έτη, 9 μήνες
Curriculum Vitae
What is a Curriculum Vitae? Copy Copy Copy Copy Copy 2 έτη, 9 μήνες
Δημιουργία Βιογραφικού Σημειώματος Copy Copy Copy Copy Copy 2 έτη, 9 μήνες
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