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[FW-ELL-ENG-04] Marketing

The initial question for the fourth learning sprint of the founder workshop is as follows: Which marketing strategy proves advantageous for the implementation of the product or service (see figure 1)?


    Marketing is about issues related to your product, price, distribution and communication policies (see figure 2). The development of a marketing plan is beneficial and an important core element of your business concept.

    Figure 2: The 4-P model, Learning Sprint 4




    This learning sprint has the following learning objectives:

    The mentees can…

    • … name and explain the instruments of marketing.
    • … carry out an analysis using the marketing mix.
    • …work out which points are relevant for a beneficial communication strategy between you and your business idea and the (potential) customers.
    • … explain the ways in which contact can be established with (potential) customers.

    Περιεχόμενο του σπριντ

    4.1. Product/Service Policy
    4.1. Product/Service Policy Copy Απεριόριστα
    Features & customer expectations of your product Copy UNLIMITED
    4.2. The Pricing Policy
    4.2. The Pricing Policy Copy Απεριόριστα
    pricing and break-even analysis Copy UNLIMITED
    4.3. Distribution Policy
    4.3. Distribution Policy Copy Απεριόριστα
    Advantageous distribution channels Copy UNLIMITED
    4.4. Communication Policy
    4.4. Communication Policy Copy ΕΛΗΞΕ
    How to disseminate your business idea Copy UNLIMITED
    Example "Superfood Bistro"
    Example Copy ΕΛΗΞΕ
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