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[FW-ELL-ENG-01] Business idea


The basis for starting a successful business is to find a new business idea with a high potential for development and success. If you have gone through the learning project “Employment Radar”, then you have learned how to identify the possible potential for a new business idea in a region. However, regardless of this, you can first try to develop a new business idea by thinking about the economic situation in your area.

Learning Objectives

The mentees…

  • develop their business idea by working out the features and characteristics of their product/service.
  • explain their target group as well as the benefits for the customer, taking into account the unique selling proposition.
  • relate their business idea to the Sustainable Development Goals and identify action derivations for their company.
  • design their product/service name as well as their company logo.

Περιεχόμενο του σπριντ

1.1 Product/Service
Product/Service Copy Απεριόριστα
Product distinction Copy 2 ώρες, 46 λεπτά
1.2. Potential customer groups
Potential Customer Groups Copy Απεριόριστα
Target Groups Copy 2 ώρες, 46 λεπτά
1.3. Benefit for the customer
Benefit for the Customer Copy Απεριόριστα
Benefit for the Customer Copy 2 ώρες, 46 λεπτά
1.4. Unique selling proposition
Unique selling proposition Copy Απεριόριστα
USP Copy 2 ώρες, 46 λεπτά
1.5. Sustainability goals
Sustainability goals Copy Απεριόριστα
Sustainability goals Copy 2 ώρες, 46 λεπτά
1.6. Product name/brand and company logo
Product Name/Brand and Company Logo Copy Απεριόριστα
Product name / brand and company logo Copy 2 ώρες, 46 λεπτά
Example Copy ΕΛΗΞΕ
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