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[ER-ELL-ENG-04] Customer segmentation based on Sinus Meta Milieus TEAM3


Having already covered job families (Learning Sprint 3), megatrends (Learning Sprint 2) and the economic framework data of the region (Learning Sprint 1), the next step is to identify the target groups or potential customer groups for whom you want to develop the services or products.

Paula now wants to find out with which group of people her business idea has the greatest potential. In order to identify the potential of the target groups for a new service or product, a customer segmentation model is used in this learning sprint . Such customer segmentation models have already become established in market research (Hartz & Petzold, 2014). Against the background of the respective milieus, specific needs for services can be worked out, which in turn do not exist or exist to a lesser extent in other milieus due to different characteristics of lifestyle and everyday coping. In this way, the Sinus Milieus help to understand the life worlds of people in the broadest sense “from the inside out”. Milieu studies provide clues as to what moves people and what situation they find themselves in (Kröll, 2018). At the same time, they offer suggestions on how a certain group of people can be motivated and activated. The Sinus-Milieu studies explore which norms, values, ideals and aspirations are shared by the members of a certain group of people (SINUS Markt- und Sozialforschung GmbH, 2018).

According to the Sinus Institute, a milieu is a grouping of people who are similar in their lifestyle and outlook on life (SINUS Markt- und Sozialforschung GmbH, 2018). These groups of people have similar preferences for values and are in comparable social situations (Hartz & Petzold, 2014).

Explanatory video on Sinus Milieus with English subtitles available:

Learning Objectives

Rough objective: The young people learn to grasp the target group potentials for new services or products with the help of customer segmentation models.


Detailed objectives (content, behaviour, conditions): The mentees can…

  • to classify certain activities and interests according to a “milieu” based on socio-demographic


  • Assign people to certain milieus on the basis of their style of dress and habitus, for example.


  • compile milieus that are typical for their region.


  • incorporate knowledge of their region into the planning of their business idea.


  • know certain character traits and interests that are typical for certain milieus and can integrate these into their planning of the business idea.


  • Identify milieus as the target group of certain business ideas


  • Consider and use milieu-specific factors in relation to the production, approach, distribution or messages of their business idea.

Περιεχόμενο του σπριντ

Introduction to Sinus Meta Milieus
What are Sinus Milieus? Team3 Απεριόριστα
Practical Examples
Practical Examples Sinus Meta Milieus Team3 Απεριόριστα
Practical example: Tourism in Crete Team3 UNLIMITED
Practical example: Professional Neighborhood Assistance Team3 UNLIMITED
Practical example: Digitisation and Computer Assistance Team3 UNLIMITED
Learning Tasks
Learning tasks Sinus Meta Milieus Team3 Απεριόριστα
Familiarising with Sinus Milieus Team3 UNLIMITED
Preparation phase (individual work) Team3 UNLIMITED
Selection of milieu representations (group work) Team3 UNLIMITED
Milieus that are typical for your region Team3 UNLIMITED
Identify suitable customer groups for services and products Team3 UNLIMITED
Develop the product or service idea in a target group-oriented way Team3 UNLIMITED
References Customer Segmentation Team3 Απεριόριστα
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