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[ER-ELL-ENG-03] Job Families

This learning sprint is about getting to know the concept of trend- and value-based
job families, which is another approach to develop new employment potentials and product or service ideas (Mühlhausen, 2015; Kröll, 2018; Göttling & Paschke, 2018).


When developing new product or service ideas that bring with them a high employment potential, the focus is on the idea that the newly created products or services should meet with sustainable demand (Harz & Petzold, 2014). It is not enough to have an innovative idea. In order to be successful in practice, it is particularly important that this idea is worked out starting from the already existing or developing needs of the potential customers. Paula therefore asks herself how she can identify this demand and then use it specifically to come up with new product and service ideas or to develop her existing service idea further and how she can generate new sustainable employment opportunities against this background.

Learning Objectives

The young people will be able to apply the concept of job families to their regional market and derive ideas for developing locally relevant and viable employment opportunities.

Fine Targets

  • Youth know what job families are and can distinguish the values, trends, and customer needs behind the seven job families, as well as match different services to job families.
  • The young people can work out which job families have a particularly large employment potential for their region and justify it.
  • Based on the job families, the young people can design regionally relevant service ideas that contain a high employment potential (which can form the basis for business start-ups).

Περιεχόμενο του σπριντ

Introduction to job families Copy Απεριόριστα
Overview of the job families Copy Απεριόριστα
Description of job families
Job family: home care Copy Απεριόριστα
Job family: health + well-being Copy Απεριόριστα
Job family: nature + garden Copy Απεριόριστα
Job family: tutoring Copy Απεριόριστα
Job family: family services Copy Απεριόριστα
Job family: small enterprise services Copy Απεριόριστα
Job family: handmade Copy Απεριόριστα
Learning tasks
Job family: learning tasks Copy 1 έτος, 1 μήνας
References Copy Απεριόριστα
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