Communication Management

One can ask “How important is the communication when building a new business? “. We live in a digital era, where new ICT developments has changed the way entrepreneurs communicate with their customer


Running a business requires a wide range of skills and expertise. An essential part is the communication between the young entrepreneurs and their customers. New technologies offer a wide range of opportunities and tools in order to create your own business and find all the possible channels to communicate your business to potential customers. This sprint is going to show some of the ways young entrepreneurs can communicate with their clients.

Sprint Content

Customer centric website 2 days
Key questions before building a website 10 hours
Characteristics of a customer centric website 6 hours
Explore the existing software for building websites 6 hours
Assess two websites of your choice 2 days
Chatbots EXPIRED
Social media marketing 2 days
Use of a social media strategy for young entrepreneurs 4 hours
Build their own social media strategy by listing some of the important steps has to follow to build a social media strategy(mentors) 4 hours
Explore the existing software for social media (mentor) 4 hours
Social media profile assessment 7 hours
Importance of social media to communicate with customers. (mentees) 2 hours
Mobile marketing 2 days
Types of mobile marketing and try to find existing example 3 hours
Different types of mobile marketing 6 hours
First steps for building a mobile marketing strategy 3 hours
Explore the existing mobile marketing software 3 hours
  • 5 days
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