[FW-BG-07] Finances
(Kröll, M.)

The initial question for the seventh learning sprint of the founders’ workshop is as follows: How do you ensure the financing of the implementation of your business idea (see figure 1)?



This learning sprint has the following learning objectives:

The mentees can…

  • determine the composition of the price for their product/service.
  • design an adequate calculation of their costs and carry out a break-even analysis.
  • identify sources of funding for their business idea.
  • explain and justify possible investment decisions.

In learning sprint 4 you have already determined the price of your product/service by calculating your costs. Now you need to get an overview of your financial situation. In order to get as realistic an estimate as possible, it is best to use the Excel templates provided. You can address the following aspects.

Съдържание на спринт

7.1 Capital requirements plan
7.1 Capital requirements plan Copy ИЗТЕКЪЛ
Financing needs Copy UNLIMITED
7.2. Financing plan
7.2. Financing plan Copy ИЗТЕКЪЛ
Financing Copy UNLIMITED
7.3 Profitability planning/income forecast
7.3 Profitability planning/income forecast Copy ИЗТЕКЪЛ
Profitability planning/income forecast Copy UNLIMITED
  • 10 секунди
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